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Welcome our 1st customer in Europe: R'Tur D O.O.
Updated 2 months ago

Welcome our 1st customer in Europe: R'Tur D O.O.

We would like to welcome our new and first customer in Europe, R'Tur D O.O.,

R'Tur is the general sales agent (GSA) of Air Cairo in Serbia, and we've developed their online 'Booking System'.


We hope to have more and more customers from Europe and the MENA area.

Al-Mohaseb ERP system's new features
Updated 2 months ago

We're developing some fantastic new features in our superior Al-Mohaseb ERP system which will enable the end user to resize columns, hide / show columns in most data entry pages and reports. The end user can also specify the number of decimal places in amounts and currency exchange rates in system settings.

These new features plus enhancing forms layout and making extensive use of call backs instead of post backs will make the system more powerful and easy to use.

Happy new year 2019 to all our customers
Updated 5 months ago
Happy new year to all my friends. May all your dreams come trueHappy new year 2019 to all our customers 
TeamViewer 14 is here!
Updated 5 months ago

Greate news!

We've upgraded our license of TeamViewer software to its latest version 14. Our esteemed customers are kindly required to down load their host version from the following link:


SMART H.I.S. at Domat Al-Jandal General Hospital
Updated 8 months ago

Domat Al-Jandal General Hospital has announced the launching of applying our SMART H.I.S. (Hospital Information System) which includes outpatients, inpatients, emergency, medical records, pharmacy, and lab.

Our next step is to computerize all hospital's activities in the near future.


Cell phone No. update
Updated 8 months ago
We'd like to inform our esteemed customers that we've a new cell phone No. 01001402444 and the cell phone No. 01227228448 will be cancelled soon.. 
Welcome our new customer: DigiGraph Digital Printing Solutions
Updated 8 months ago

DigiGraph Digital Printing Solutions is our newest customer to use our ERP system "Al-Mohaseb". DigiGraph Digital Printing Solutions is specialized in wide range of printing solutions in Egypt and the middle east. 

Our website's URL is updated for SSL certificate
Updated 8 months ago

Our website is now protected by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate to ensure our customers' tickets and data privacy.

The new URL for our website is:


SSL is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. SSL is an industry standard and is used by millions of websites in the protection of their online transactions with their customers.

Introducing 'Groups'
Updated 9 months ago
Our support system has been enhanced to allow user 'groups'. In the past, the ticket system was based on one-to-one discussion. The customer posts their ticket and our support member replies to the ticket. Only the owner of the ticket was allowed to view and interact with their tickets. By adding the feature of 'Groups', the key person of a company can create a group of users of their company, so ALL users in the group can view and participate in the discussion of any ticket owned by any one of the group. A feature that enrich the discussion of support tickets.
Happy "Adha" feast for all our customers
Updated 9 months ago
We wish all our customers a very happy "Adha" feast. Our last working day before the feast will be Thursday, August 16, 2018. We'll be back to work on Sunday, August 26, 2018. Customers may still post their support tickets during this period, and we'll review and answer them as soon as we get back to work.
Welcome our new customer: KBA NotaSys Egypt
Updated 9 months ago
KBA NotaSys Egypt is our newest customer to use our ERP system "Al-Mohaseb". KBA NotaSys is specialized in wide range of printing solutions in Egypt and the middle east.
New 'My profile' button
Updated 9 months ago
A new button has been added for members to enable them to update their information or profile data including changing their passwords and pictures.
New design for support center
Updated 9 months ago
We've launched a new design for our support center. News feature has been added so that our esteemed customers can follow up what's new in our web applications.